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Why write for The Torrent?

Strengthen your credibility and writing portfolio: Build exposure for yourself by directly-engaging The Torrent’s rapidly-growing audience. Enhance your brand online by positioning yourself as an expert on topics you write about. A vast writing portfolio strengthens your credibility. Take a step to strengthening your credibility by signing up as a guest writer for The Torrent .

Drive high-quality traffic to your site:The Torrent’s rapidly-growing site attracts tens of thousands of visitors every month. We will create links back to your site, blog, or social media page, which would lead to an increase in high-quality, targeted traffic to your site. Maximize exposure for your site by writing for The Torrent..

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):The Torrent is quickly establishing itself as a one-stop shop for high-quality content on  News and opinions particular about  Africa, and world in general. We are aggressively working to strengthen The Torrent’s position in the online space as an authoritative source on African news. Our creation of links to your site could lead to an increase of the rankings of your site’s content on popular search engines, such as Google Search or Microsoft Bing.

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Any article submitted to The Torrent becomes the property of The Torrent. Although we will give you clear credit for all content you submit to us, sending your article to us grants us sole and complete ownership of such content.

The is a family-friendly site. Therefore, the following will not be tolerated: swearing; intolerant or offensive views or language, including not limited to statements exhibiting national, ethnic, or racial prejudices; and graphic sexual references.

No overt product or service placement.

Be judicious about the number of external links you include in your articles. We do not tolerate an excessive amount of external links in your content.

We understand that you have put time and effort into writing a quality article for us and you deserve the credit. Therefore, we are more than happy to allow a link to your site, blog, and/or your social media page(s) in your author bio.

We accept only original content created by you. We do perform checks for plagiarism.

We review all articles submitted to us and, if we approve an article, we will immediately post it on our site. We reserve the right to edit your article to fix for spelling and grammatical errors. Furthermore, we reserve the right to modify your article to maximize its coherence and flow. You do have the right to request a copy of your article, if we modify it, prior to us posting your article. If you provide feedback to us, we will consider such feedback. However, our editors’ decision is final. If you disapprove of the final version of such an article, you reserve the right to relinquish your right to authorship of the article; and, this article, if posted, will have no references to you. However, we prefer you submit articles to The Torrent that require no edits by our editors. Please note that The Torrent reserves the right to revoke authorship privileges in situations where there is an extended pattern of article submissions that do not meet our quality standards.

Please back up your statements with evidence. We reserve the right to request evidence to confirm statements that you make in your writing. If you do make bold statements, we expect you to provide proof validating such statements.

We expect the very highest standards of writing in articles submitted to us. We require articles to have no spelling or grammatical errors. We expect articles to be well-written, elegantly delivered, and super coherent. Please note that The Torrentreserves the right to revoke authorship privileges if we receive multiple submissions of articles that do not adhere to our quality standards.

We prefer concise and to-the-point articles. We request that you break up long articles into multiple articles. For example, you could break up a long article into multiple parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc. We could even work with you to post each part of such an article over time, such as over a number of days or weeks.

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