Nigeria: Banky W Much Awaited Video for #Kololo Out



Banky W has dropped his much awaited video for his latest album #Kololo video, almost two weeks later than he promised.

In Instagram and Twitter notifications, Banky said the video “is out right now”.

Three weeks ago, the artiste had dropped the lyric video and promised to churn out the video soon, precisely in one week, according to his notes on You Tube.

According to him, the video was inspired by the city of Dubai. The artiste, now with 1.6m followers on Instagram is also offering 10 Nigerians the opportunity to win a trip for 2 to Dubai with the release of the official video.

In the earlier You Tube post, Banky W uploaded the lyrics of Kololo, which he says is a derivative of the word “Kolo”, a Nigerian slang for Crazy.

“And so Kololo means… REALLY crazy,” he said.

The Lyrics of Kololo

Verse 1:

Baby Oh

E been done dey show say you want to dey carry go

I suppose to know say you want to go solo

On Your Own

All Alone

I don’t know why

Oh Girl you’re driving me crazy

Out of my mind,

I cannot hide it

I’ve been thinking about you lately

No matter how hard I try

I cannot fight it

Sometimes I get so frustrated

And I’m losing my mind

Bruising inside

I know I need you and I hate it

No matter how hard I try

I cannot fight it


I still love you (2X)

I still love you baby (2X)

I still need you