Many towering figures Died in September 2015 and My mentor,our father was on This Day -By John Ogbonna


In September , 2015, Many towering figures of the 20th century died. My father ,Okaji Ogbonnaya Njoku Odi was one them and others we all remember are HID Awolowo ,Gamaliel Onosode , Emmannuel Ojiyi and so on .
Do you remember what you were doing the month HID Awolowo died? Or Gamaliel Onosode ? You don’t think so? Well, the odds are that if you find it difficult enough to be laying down memories of the time,I can’t . Because it was also the month My father ,Okaji Ogbonnaya Njoku Odi passed on.
Not everybody realised—and relatively few realise even now— that September 2015 also saw the departure of the many towering figures, who were also world-shapers in their very different ways.
Emmanuel died in a road crash few minutes after vehicle on board collided with a parked truck on September 3,2015. He was just 36-year-old Chartered Accountant .Few hours before, on September 2nd ,2015 ,three people died at Ojuelegba area of Lagos State when back of a moving flatbed truck carrying container skid off the bridge and landed on vehicles in traffic below .ojuelegba
On september 13 ,2015, my brother about leaving my dad presence after presenting him with h dinner , found him struggle and in shock watched him pass on; Papa died, aged 73, at 7.20pm local time, just ten days after Emmanuel.
The indelible experience of hearing the news is captured well in my tribute to him –
“I never realized that moments can easily become memories until the day you took off for the journey of home going.
When early in the morning of that Monday around 7 am mum called me and She said to me ‘’all were not well with you ’’ I never would have thought of your ending to be the reason for any call at the time and I further asked ‘’what she meant?’’ She replied ‘’that you are gone.
While I was still talking with mum and struggling to think about how it was going become to live without you, I immediately broke down in tears.
It’s scary to believe that I am now going to have to live without you .And that henceforth, I am going to walk through this lane without your guide and counsel. My mind is still having difficulty wrapping itself around the fact that you’re gone.
I wished sometimes l could turn the hands of time and you could be called up to live again.
As we all remember and celebrate your life, our grieves differ; some pains are deeper and some feel the loss so griever. Some people whom you must have inspired and loving you from a distance might have some good things to say about you. But to me, as one of your children, l believe when God made dads, He gave me the best in you.
Papa, you were a special gift to us and too precious to have been lost.
Papa, you defined to me everything a father should be with the life you led
and you thrived with love and compassion.
Whenever I talked about you, papa, it provokes envy in the heart of many who listened. They always wished they were like me who had got a father as you.
Papa, you taught us your children about what matters most in life and living;
You correct us whenever we attempt to do wrongs;
And gave approval for right things with gifts and songs;
Papa, losing you at all is unthinkable and to have lost you now is unimaginable.
No time can justify your passing on not even now was permitted;
No experience can erase the fond memories of you;
No one can fill the vacuums created;
No word is good enough to describe the sense of loss I feel
It is pain l believe only having you around again can heal
While we had you, we seemed never to have recognized how much you worth
Now the heaven and earth have agreed for your farewell and sent you forth
Alas ! I feel a great loss.
When it seems no one understands the pains, anger and dismay Iam going through.
However, reminiscing of your demise brings to mind the prayer you told me you once made about 30 years ago and wished of your ending to come first , if must it be any of the parent departing early such that your children won’t record similar experience you had growing up as a child without your mother around.
Papa, it seems God at the time heard you and granted your wish but it tarried for about three decades yet came true.
Dad, l couldn’t have wished of better father than you, filled with love and always ready to sacrifice for his children and family.
Dad, l am proud of the life you lived and always glad whenever your name is mentioned and accorded honour and respect which suggests of a life well spent
Dad, if heaven only has got a window and could allow a view to see the beautiful ornaments there, I would always want to see your face again
Let’s consider the others.Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo died on 19 September 2015 at 99 and Gamaliel Oforitsenere Onosode also died on 29th of the same
If the great soul who died on September 2015 met immediately after death, I agree that Gamaliel would have wanted to debate socratically. But he would have found My Dad unswayable in his mysticism—if indeed death had released HID’s spirit from the effects of the responsiblities she has as matriach in her final moments. Emmanuel might have engaged for a while: he was always interested in philosophical ideas. But pretty soon he would have manfully picked himself up—as he habitually had over a lifetime of challenges —and hurried off to catch up with his dear dead brother, or his even dearer dead mother Bridget , or perhaps (if in a different frame of mind) his father,Cyril ojiyi.